3 Ways To Know Which Assisted Living Facility Is Right For Your Loved One

Watching a loved one get older can be a scary and sad time. And while you might not like to think about this person who used to be so strong and healthy as needing help with basic things in their life, many people reach a point where they need more assistance than they’re able to get at home.

In situations like this, it’s a great blessing to be able to find an assisted living facility that is a good match for your loved one. So to help you know when you’ve spotted this match, here are three ways to know which assisted living facility is right for your loved one. 

The Location Is Right

If you and your loved one happen to already live in the same city or in relatively close proximity to one another, it’s usually a given that you’ll look for an assisted living facility that’s close to you both. But if you and your loved one don’t live near each other, deciding which location to start your search in can be much more challenging.

According to Caring.com, you’ll want to weigh how much support your loved one can have from friends or family members based on where their assisted living facility is located. If you’re planning to visit your loved one very regularly, it might make more sense to have them in a facility closer to you. But if they already have other family members or friends where they live, keeping them in their same city could also prove to be advantageous for them. 

It’s Within Your Budget

While you don’t want to make the entire decision on which facility based on cost alone, if you and your loved one have a tight budget, the financial side of this decision will play a role. 

Luckily, even if you may not have a lot of cash right now, Kara Mayer Robinson, a contributor to WebMD.com, shares that you can get financial assistance for your loved one through their health insurance plan, Medicaid, veterans’ benefits for those who qualify, or financial assistance through the actual facility you choose for your loved one. Knowing all this, it’s wise to look into any and all possible options for financial help so that your money will stretch for as long as possible. 

You Trust In The Care They’ll Get There

The location and the cost are all things that you can see on paper. But one thing you can’t know until you see the facility is if you feel like you can trust in the care your loved one will receive there. To help you decide this, try to visit the facility in person during various times of the day to see how the staff interacts with the residents, how meals are handled, and how the residents appear to like living there. 

If you’ll soon be moving your loved one into an assisted living facility, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you pick the right place for them.