Go on the Offensive Against Indoor Air Pollutants: Molekule Review for Airborne Threats

Everyone needs and deserves clean air, regardless of whether they live in an apartment, house, an assisted living facility or elsewhere. Unfortunately, the average home’s air is rife with allergens, dirt, dust, dander and other particles. These particles compromise human health and even prove odorous. Even if you do not have a pet or an abundance of people living in your home, you likely have pollutants, viruses and other gunk lingering in the air. In short, every home, regardless of its size or other nuances should have an air purifier. 

Molekule Captures and Combats Airborne Pollutants

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply turn on an air purifier to help capture the numerous allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses and other pollutants lingering in your indoor air? Molekule air purifiers were designed just for that, promoting clean air for you, your little ones and even your pets. Molekule air purification devices are designed to capture and combat the following:

·   Viruses

·   Pet dander

·   Pollen

·   Bacterial spores

·   Cockroach allergens

·   Dust mite allergens

·   Black mold

·   Staphylococcus

·   Nail polish remover

·   Varnish off-gassing

·   Exhaust fumes

·   The odor of burnt food (Furan)

·   Black mold

·   Tobacco smoke

·   Varnish off-gassing (Acetone)

·   Paint fumes

Perhaps the most intriguing part of Molekule’s unique air purification technology is that it is designed to function without generating any type of noise pollution on its lowest setting. Let the Molekule air purifier work its magic and you might find it is as quiet as a whisper. Do not spend a single second worrying about any potential ozone emissions as Molekule air purification devices are engineered to destroy ozone rather than transmit it throughout living spaces. 

PECO Technology Goes Beyond the HEPA Standard

Conventional air purifiers merely gather certain pollutants. Molekule’s PECO technology destroys a wider range of pollutants than conventional filters. Furthermore, PECO is designed to combat pollutants instead of merely collecting them. This breakthrough technology functions with two filters while other systems rely on one. Molekule air purifiers are designed with a Pre-Filter that collects especially large particles such as pet hair and dust particles. 

Molekule’s air purification systems also feature a PECO-Filter covered with the company’s proprietary catalyst designed for light activation. This catalyst breaks apart VOCs, allergens, viruses, mold, and bacteria at the molecular level. In other words, this is an effective way to help ensure your indoor air is clean throughout the year.

PECO is designed to capture and break down even the smallest pollutants in indoor air. While traditional air purification technology collects large particles from indoor air, PECO destroys pollutants 1,000 times smaller than what the HEPA standard even tests for. Instead of merely collecting the seemingly countless particles that hover in our indoor air, PECO destroys them. Furthermore, PECO technology is also superior because, until now, air purifiers have attempted to collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply and be released back into the air. There is no sense relying on the HEPA standard for air filtration when PECO technology destroys a wider range of pollutants compared to conventional filters.

Molekule’s PECO technology is designed to combat all sorts of different particles for optimal indoor air quality. If you are worried about allergens, mold, bacteria, VOCs or ozone in your indoor air, PECO can collect and attack them. This is a stark contrast to conventional air purification technology that does not destroy such small pollutants. The sad but little-known truth is VOCs still hover in the air even when traditional air filters are in use. The scientific community agrees there are plenty of harmful pollutants below the 0.3-micron standard of HEPA. PECO technology was created to capture and combat even these uber-small pollutants, VOCs and viruses.

Combat Unhealthy Air Pollutants and Other Particles Floating Throughout Your Living Space

Molekule engineers have gone out of their way to create air purification systems for living spaces of all sizes. This means everyone from studio apartment renters to owners of McMansions can enjoy a completely clean and healthy living space. Furthermore, if you spend an abundance of time in a small space such as a home study, you can rest easy, knowing the air is being cleaned thanks to the cost-efficient Molekule Air Mini. This smaller Molekule air purifier cleans and replaces the air in 250-square-foot spaces on an hourly basis. 

The Molekule Air Mini does not have to be positioned on the floor. Rather, you can put it on a table, desk, counter or other surfaces. The device will suck in all those nasty pollutants and allergens from every-which-way, ensuring the indoor air you breathe is of the highest quality.

Air Purification Proven to Work

Molekule air purification products are backed by scientific proof. While many other air purification systems feature grandiose claims in their marketing materials, Molekule deserves credit for backing up its air purification promises with extensive studies and data. Molekule performs in-depth testing of its air purification technology in laboratory settings. While most other air purification companies strictly rely on internal lab testing, Molekule’s brass has gone to the extent of leaning on certified third-party labs for truly comprehensive testing. 

Take a look at the many Molekule reviews on the internet and you will find many references to the company’s in-depth testing, providing proof that the company’s PECO technology actually works as advertised. Instead of merely collecting air particles, Molekule air purifiers oxidize them. In other words, the particles collected from your indoor air are broken down into tiny components so they do not have any chance to re-enter your indoor air supply and compromise your health. Some of the web’s Molekule reviews point to the company’s VOC destruction reports performed by Intertek labs. This nationally recognized testing lab shows Molekule air purification devices capture and oxidize VOCs as well as other particles. Testing conducted by Aerosol Research and Engineering Labs, another nationally recognized testing lab, shows Molekule air purification devices successfully oxidize bacteria, mold, viruses and more. Give a Molekule air purifier a try and you might agree with the quality of your indoor air improves by a meaningful margin.

Author: Jeffery Sharp

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