Installing Led Wall Packs on Exterior of Commercial Areas

Commercial spaces occupy 75% of urban areas as the employment rates are high. Alongside that, there are many other businesses running which require a proper lighting setup to facilitate the business by attracting customers and providing security. Exterior lighting is done usually with two basic fixtures: flood lights and wall packs. 

Wall packs are both primary and substitute lighting for exteriors. These light fixtures are super adaptable in different spaces due to their design features and durable build. 

What are wall packs? 

A wall pack light fixture is a small light fixture which is installed on or around walls of any building. These compact light fixtures vary in design and light output according to their specification. These light fixtures are ideal to provide lighting close to the ground which require extra security. These lights due to their designs allow a lot of variation in creating the desirable lighting layout for the exterior of any building. 

Specification of wall packs 

A wall pack fixture is compact and consist of durable features such as:

  • Housing 

The housing is of aluminum which is rated safe against external factors like dust, dirt, wind, fluctuating temperatures and air pressure. The housing or frame is IP65, IP66 or IP67 rated as these ratings determine the amount of water and pressure a fixture can handle without malfunctioning. 

  • Lamps 

The lamps used are HID HPS or CFL for bright lighting at night time. Despite their brightness they are quite inefficient as compared to LED lamps. Traditional lamps tend to produce light which is inefficient in many ways whereas LED or integrated LED chips produce brighter much more effective lighting which is favoured on many stances. These lamps allow control over the kind of lighting one might want to achieve for visibility, ambiance and safety of people. 

  • Mounting bracket 

The mounting brackets are present at the hind of the fixture and are available in different designs for easy mounting on different wall surfaces. These light fixtures are adjustable and largely of use around blind corners, over entryways in narrow corners etc. mounting brackets are of various types and they allow proper positioning of the fixture. 

Use of wallpacks

Commercial spaces accommodate one or many businesses running around one area. These spots are either crowded or quite empty after office hours. The need for security is increased around night time for visibility, security and safety of people and buildings.  There are different designs of wall packs which you can check here. The basic use of these fixtures are: 

  1. Enhancing the architecture 

This is a popular use of wall packs, since some commercial places utilise them to emphasise particular aspects of the structure. It’s similar to branding and helps in recruiting new consumers. In most situations, this is done around tourist-attractive buildings. These fixtures may provide a variety of architectural lighting effects, including:

  • Facade lighting 

This type of lighting is typically used on the front of buildings to highlight logos, entrances, or paths. This type of lighting is quite useful for branding since it helps in identifying the purpose of the structure at one glance. 

  • Spot lighting 

To cast a certain dramatic effect specific beam angles are used as the light is fully focused over a specific point within a defined beam angle. It is an important feature in landscape lighting.

  • Highlighting 

Light may be highlighted or accented in a variety of ways around any façade. For example, highlighting is done around the plantation or other significant landmark near the structure to amplify the appeal of the property. 

  1. For Security 

Wallpacks are generally versatile fixtures that can offer the type of illumination that corresponds to the security needs of any building’s characteristics. This encompasses all types of structures, including residential, industrial, and commercial structures. These lights are available in a range of styles to fulfil the needs of general illumination while also providing visibility and security at night.

Advantages of using LED wall packs 

LED lighting is the smartest and most effective medium for lighting for any application. The reason is the durable parts which are built to last and sustain an efficient design. As the world is progressing the need of lighting as an effective primary tool towards successful business is a priority. With traditional options this is hard to follow through as they fail to provide the basic standard of lighting that is reliability. Integrated LED fixtures on the other hand are able to provide: 

  • Maximum efficiency 

The light in LEDs is produced by diodes which do not need a large amount of energy. So they are able to perform at maximum capacity while consuming only a fraction. The power rating for LED fixtures is quite lesser than that of traditional fixtures allowing savings for further investments. These fixtures produce very less heat and are pairable with photo cells which makes them adaptable to automation. 

  • Uniform lighting layout 

LEDs are arranged on a photo plate in a way that the light beam produced is uniform. The light is not dispersed in the surroundings and is directional. It reaches the point of illumination and in this way very little energy is wasted in the surroundings. It’s neither too dark or too bright, glare free and enhances the appearance of objects. The light from these fixtures is glare free which is a priority for outdoor light fixtures. 

  • Customisation 

LED light fixtures allow easy on hand customisation. Different fixtures are available in different lumen outputs which makes it easy to choose from for any exterior application. The light is customisable for different correlated colour temperatures which fall on a kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K producing warm yellow to bright white light. The switchable CCT makes it easier to set any kind of ambiance, helping save extra money on purchasing more fixtures for different types of lighting. It is highly useful when exterior application requires facade lighting. 

  • Durability 

These lights have a very durable structure which makes them fit for most environments where they need to function in emergency situations. The IP ( Ingress protected) fixture makes it easier to determine their life expectancy. The LED driver is resistant to minor voltage fluctuations and stabilises the light keeping it functional without ever heating up. 

It starts up instantly and allows dimming options as well.