Popular Digital Marketing Techniques

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, there could be a never-ending scroll of techniques and technology available.  

It’s common to hear suggestions from marketing agencies, business owners, freelance marketers, marketing gurus about what techniques have worked for them and what could work for you.  

Howbeit, remember no two businesses are the same. Though there is no harm in looking at how others are doing, it is important that your decisions are the result of your own experimentation.  

Incorporate almost every marketing technique into your business, i.e., a holistic approach, and see what works well for you.  

How does that sound to you?  

As you continue reading, we will be looking at the top digital marketing techniques.    

Email marketing  

Email marketing is a must for businesses of any size, as it is cost-effective, yielding the highest return on investment compared to any other marketing method.  

For successful email marketing, all you need is a healthy email list, highly personalized solid content for each audience segment, automation tools to trigger emails automatically at each stage of a customer’s journey in the sales funnel, an intriguing call to action, etc.    

How to find peoples email addresses for an email list?  

If you do not know how to find peoples email addresses, here is the best way to execute this. Use email finder tools such as GetEmail.io to find emails of prospects.  

This tool is available with a freemium plan and in the form of a chrome extension for Gmail and LinkedIn applications too. You can try these versions to test their efficiency.  

The chrome extension for Gmail lets you find a hundred emails for free every month. Isn’t it enough to test the tool’s efficiency?  

So go for it.    

Content marketing  

Content marketing is one of the important marketing trends for 2022. Therefore, you must include this in your marketing strategy. Create unique valuable content creating brand awareness using your blog page.  

You could use an email campaign to let your community know about your new content and drive traffic to that blog page.  

Likewise, you can use your social media handles to direct your followers to your blog.    

Video marketing  

With consumer behavior evolving, video marketing is a great way to reach your audience at any time anywhere.  

Irrespective of age, people now have access to digital platforms for entertainment. This ensures that a maximum of your audience watches your video.  

For YouTube, you could use the ABCDs in mind while curating content for video creation.    

SEO – Search Engine Optimization  

Search engine optimization is one of the vital digital marketing techniques. This is used to improve your website’s search discovery on a search engine like Google.  

Even when you are writing an article, blog, description for your social media posts, and YouTube videos, you must ensure that you are writing it in an SEO-friendly manner.   

Social media marketing  

For any brand, it is so important to have a strong online presence.   

You could use different social media channels to engage different audience segments. For instance, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to connect & engage with professionals.  

While Instagram is where you can engage with the youth or millennials audience segment.    

Final thoughts  

There are some more marketing methods besides what we discussed in this article. You can pick those approaches too and apply them to your business.