4 Scenarios You Should Use GoLookUp Before Big Purchase Decisions

There is a growing need to search and verify information about a person or a company. This has proven to be very difficult as our day-to-day search engines provide so much data with little or no relevance to our query. On the other hand, GoLookUp’s accurate directory allows users to find important details about things that were formally hidden from them.

GoLookUp is an online aggregator of public data.

Based on what you input into the search engine, they look through a large database of worldwide records and sieve through the result to produce searches that are the closest to your query. An example is if you want to find out about a property or the owner of the property you wish to purchase, enter the address in the search engine bar under the Reverse Address Tab and search. It will produce important results like the owner’s name, sales price, and other details.

This online directory does not charge anything for the public data it provides. Let’s say you want to search for information that has been kept confidential; it may require a subscription to the website.

Here are four (4) scenario’s you should use the GoLookUp before a big purchase decision.

Property title search

Let’s say you want to purchase a property and you want to confirm that the title is not defective, you can use GoLookUp to search for this. Title deeds are public records that represent a right that belongs to the property owner. It allows you to know information about that right. 

Suppose Mr. James wants to purchase a property from Davis. We assume that Mr. James will carry out a search using the aggregator website. The search engine will provide information such as court order, domestic relations, dockets, mortgages, marriage licenses and divorce decrees, death certificate and estate filings, and chain of title. All of this information can be gotten from the search database.

Background check

The integrity of the person you are engaging with will influence the way you interact with him/her. The online aggregator allows you to conduct a background check on businesses or persons you are engaging with.

A background check is a process a person or company uses to verify that a person is who they claim to be. Background checks provide an opportunity for someone to check a person’s criminal record, education, employment history, and other past activities. It allows you to confirm their validity.

For instance, you want to purchase a car from an individual who claims to be an accredited seller. You can use the aggregator website to conduct a background check to ensure the seller is who he says he is.

Data verifications

Data verification is an important aspect of every business. There is a large need to confirm the data which have been given to us.

For example, you want to purchase a property that is being sold to you as a commercial property. How do you verify this information? GoLookUp is a useful tool to do this. You can now search to verify the information given to you by your seller.

Locating Buyers

The online aggregator allows its users to search the location of verified businesses. It prevents one from coming across false sellers who are only after taking your money from you or selling fewer quality goods to you at all cost.

For instance, you may have found many car sellers online, and you want to locate them and verify their company. You can use the aggregator website to search.