Pat Clark: How A 20-Year-Old Millennial Went From A One Man Exterior Cleaning Company To A Million Dollar Business

Sometimes, and those times are many, wisdom demands that we should never give up no matter how difficult our success path may be. That’s why, despite Pat Clark’s early life being slippery, he did not lose vision of what he wanted in life.  

Growing up, Pat Clark’s dad was never in the picture and his mum suffered from schizophrenia. Pat grew up in a trailer park in New York. He went into foster care when he was in the 7th grade. The foster care was rough since it was an emergency placement. Pat would experience such panic attacks that he couldn’t even eat properly, causing him to become very thin. He always felt like a knife was piercing his heart. 

Life In Foster Care

Pat kept switching schools due to his being in foster care. In every one he went to he got into fights, eventually causing him to be put into permanent foster care. In that home, they never had a teenager as a foster kid, so they were happy to have him. 

Pat was treated like slave laborer. He had to dig holes daily after school for their chicken coop, wash their floors by hand, and do the laundry. The experience at that place wasn’t good. He remembers one of the foster dads on steroids hit him with a remote when he went to change the TV channel. His foster family always punished Patrick for things he did, often unjustly.  

The Lightbulb Moment

“Never give up!” These are the words his friend Kevin said that caused Pat to always have the hope that there were people who loved him. (Kevin is now the owner of the New York Branch of Precision Pro Wash.)

After years of strife and abuse, Pat decided he wasn’t returning to foster care. He moved in with his best friend’s family, and started attending church. He met an amazing young lady at church and they married. At age 20, Pat got a full time job working for Pima Valley Properties.

However, in a few years the country’s economic status started failing, and he had to leave his job. As a result, Pat began Precision Pro Wash in 2006. In those early years, Pat and his wife would go to conventions for the pressure-washing industry. It was at those conferences they found out about roof cleaning. They loved the information and ideas they learned at these shows, which sparked the beginning of their research into power washing. 

Tackling The Cleaning Business

In January 2010, Pat hired a business coach in Florida with his last $4,000. It was winter, and you couldn’t wash anything in South Carolina because of the cold. Nobody was thinking about pressure washing. Guess what?  With the coach’s help, their usual sales of $5,000 in January turned into $20,000!  This coach helped Pat’s dream become a reality by using a vision board and marketing efforts they put together. 

Sooner than later, by applying the methods he was taught, Pat was selling millions of dollars. He started learning more about running a business and putting business systems in place. He continued going to the conventions, joined the board with UAC FCC, and started training other small business owners at his facility and across the country. 

Today Pat has several locations including New York, Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and 2 locations in North Carolina. He holds Sales Boost Training Seminars and owns Precision Pro Wash LLC, a corporation in Greenville, South Carolina. He also has a holding company, Precision Pro Wash Holdings, that holds the IP, and they have licensed out the brand. 

Pat’s success boils down to these three simple things:  perseverance, hard work, and not letting go of your dream.  

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