How to Find the Best Deals Online

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Online shopping is so convenient, which is one of the main reasons so many people would rather shop from the comfort of their home rather than go sit in traffic and fight the crowds at the mall or retail stores.

Also, you can save money by shopping online. So many brands now sell direct to consumer, cutting out the middle man (or retailer), which keeps money in the consumers’ pockets.

Simply put, you save both time and money by shopping online, so wouldn’t you like to save as much money as possible?

Let’s go over a few simple ways to save money online and find the best deals available. Who doesn’t want to save every time they make a purchase?

Install a the Honey Browser App (for Chrome Browsers)

If you do a lot of shopping online directly from major brands, opposed to a mega e-commerce website like Amazon, you will want to make sure you are always getting the best deal.

Sometimes other websites have flash sales or special promotions and will actually sell something cheaper than you can get it direct from the brand.

Why? Because they either want to blow throw their inventory or they are taking a slight loss in hopes that it brings them more customers that end up buying additional products, therefore making more money.

The Google Chrome browser app Honey automatically searches other deals to make sure you always get the lowest price. This is done automatically.

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Understand the Trigger Terms of the Product/Service You Want to Find a Deal On

Different products or services will have different search terms that will trigger specials, deals, liquidations, and coupon codes.

You have yo make sure you are searching correctly to uncover these.

If you are looking for free racing offers then you will need to use different search strings than you would if you wanted to search for a contractor in order to complete a new home remodeling project.

A cosmetics D2C brand might have some coupon codes floating out there, so you will need to search the brand name and product names, along with terms like “coupon code,” “discount code” or “coupon savings.”

Look for Direct Coupon Codes (Not from the Coupon Code Sites

You may have seen coupon code websites and directories, and even tried a code you found there. Did it work? Most of those sites are fake and they are designed only to get you to click on their affiliate link.

A very popular product category these days is CBD melatonin, and so many of these fake coupon sites will load up codes for popular brands. If you click on the “code” you will be directed to the site, promised the lowest prices.

But all that really happened is you activated that affiliate’s cookie, which will credit them with the commission if you purchase from that website over the next 30 days or so.

Most brands will post codes on their social media profiles, so be sure to follow the ones you love. Also, sign up for their email newsletters. They will often send out flash sales and offers with discount codes.

Any time you can get the codes directly from the brand you know they are legit.

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