How Mint Mobile Compares to Other Carriers

You hear it all the time. Such and such mobile carrier has the best features. Another carrier has the best network. And then don’t even get us started on networks that claim to have the best rates. 

How do you choose? 

When you can choose from a multitude of networks and an even larger multitude of carriers, where do you draw the line? 

Mint Mobile is one such carrier. This MVNO carrier operates on the T-Mobile network and they do so at an incredibly affordable rate. So what is it that makes Mint Mobile better than carriers like Cricket or Straight Talk? 

Mint Mobile vs. Cricket

Mint Mobile and Cricket operate under the same guise. And yet they are not the same. They do have multiple similarities but which one is truly the best? 

The Mint Mobile network operates on T-Mobile while Cricket operates on AT&T. T-Mobile is higher ranked for coverage. The cheapest plan at T-Mobile is $15 per month while Cricket’s is $25. Even the most expensive plan through Mint Mobile is less than that of Cricket. 

Mint does not offer unlimited data while Cricket does. 

Both have coverage throughout the U.S. as well as in Canada and Mexico. Mint has hotspot capability at no extra cost while Cricket requires an upgrade or an added charge for theirs. 

Mint Mobile vs. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is perhaps one of the biggest competitors to Mint Mobile as they are one of the most popular carriers for this type of service. 

Boost Mobile operates through Sprint while Mint Mobile operates through T-Mobile. 

Mint still has some groundwork to catch up to Boost but the coverage areas are much higher-rated. 

Boost Mobile offers family plans and has physical locations that you can visit while Mint has individual plans and an online-only presence. Boost also has unlimited data plans, although Mint mobile plans are cheaper than the options from Boost. 

Mint Mobile offers plans as low as $15 per month and Boost Mobile plans start at $25 per month. With Boost, you have to use their phones while with Mint you can use any unlocked phone. 

Additionally, Boost charges more for add-ons like family tracking, HD streaming, phone insurance, mobile hotspot, etc. Mint doesn’t assess charges for extra features. 

Mint Mobile vs. Metro

When it comes to looking at the Mint Mobile network, comparing them to Metro by T-Mobile is perhaps the closest comparison. They both operate on the T-Mobile network. So is one better? 

These two companies are very similar. Their prices are even nearly alike but in the end, Mint does have some cheaper options than Metro. The one thing Metro has over Mint is they offer multi-line discounts while Mint does not. 


When it comes down to it, every mobile carrier has its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s worth the review and research to see which one will work best for you and which one will save you money. 

Don’t write off Mint until you’ve looked at the details. You might just be pleasantly surprised. 

If you need any more information on their plans, check out their website and this comprehensive mint mobile review.