The Long & Colourful History of Google

Of all the tech giants, Google is the absolute leader; gatherer of the entire world’s data (somewhere they have your complete Internet history, every website you’ve ever visited, every download you made), making Google the global leader in many fields.

Much like other tech giants, Google had a humble beginning, at Stanford University, when, in 1995, Larry Page was thinking of doing his Master’s Degree at this prestigious learning institution. A fellow student, Sergey Brin, was given the role of showing Larry around and they became friends and between them, they had a concept of organising the world’s data so that it could be accessed by people all over the world via the Internet.

First Search Engine

They called it Backrub and made the change to Google a short while later and in 1998, Google was the attention of Silicone Valley investors. The co-founder of Sun, Andy Bechtolsheim wrote a $100,000 cheque and Google Inc was born. They used the money to move their offices from a dormitory to Menlo Park and the organisation set about creating cutting edge solutions for the search industry; fast forward to today, and the name ‘Google’ is now a verb (we’ve all ‘Googled’ something from time to time).

Google Marketing

This is the breadwinner for the number 1 tech giant, check out the leading Australian digital marketing agency, who can put together an aggressive Ads campaign that delivers results. Google currently has 60,000+ employees worldwide and they have huge data centres, primarily in cold climates as they have heat issues that store every single byte of data humanity creates. Google makes billions every year from their marketing empire and the smartest thing the two founders did was to collect data and over the years, the cream of the tech gurus were working on many different aspects of the digital world.

Artificial Intelligence

While they don’t say too much, Google are heavily invested in AI; when you search for aluminium step ladders and suddenly stepladder ads pop up on your Chrome browser, this is AI at work. Google spend a fortune in R&D and they obviously see the potential that AI offers and they are focused on leading the way. Like most huge corporations, Google quietly buys up tech companies that they think are on the right track; YouTube being just one example. If you would like to work from home, here are a few tips.

Google Search Engine

When Google alters the algorithms they use to rank the web, everyone tries to figure out the changes; Google’s algorithms are a closely guarded secret, although they do issue public statements. There is an entire industry called ‘search engine optimisation’ that is dedicated to improving the client’s rankings within searches, and leading SEO technicians command huge salaries, thanks to their intimate knowledge of how Google works. When you consider that in less than a second, Google can give you 357,458 results on your search words, that’s pretty impressive by anyone’s standard!

Google have quickly established themselves as the number 1 tech corporation and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Can they be challenged for that coveted top spot? Most experts agree that Google are too big and too far ahead for a competitor to seriously challenge their position.