Guide to Kin Currency

Cryptocurrency (also called virtual currency) is a new investment opportunity. Since 2008 and the introduction of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have been cropping up with their own networks and user bases to capitalize on its success.

Kin Currency is one of the latest additions to the virtual currency market, founded by the Kik messaging app. Funding through an ICO happened successfully in 2017, with the app’s intended launch date to be later this year. Using Kik’s pre-established user base of millions, Kin prices are predicted to continue rising in the coming years.

Read on for more information about Kin currency, its features, and the potential benefits of investing in it in 2020.

What is Kin Currency?

Kin is a blockchain platform similar to bitcoin founded by a Canadian social media company in conjunction with Kik. Right now, the Kin token is a unit of exchange planned to connect the Kik users into a shared digital economy.

The ultimate goal is to expand Kin currency beyond Kik and use it as the basis for interaction between many digital services through the Kin platform.

Kik’s established platform is expected to give Kin quite a leg up on other formative virtual currencies. With monetization possibilities integrated from day one, the Kin token is projected to become a usable, mobile-focused virtual currency immediately.

Users will be able to reward their favorite content creators and manage their virtual wallets with just a few clicks.

Kin Rewards Engine

The Kin Rewards Engine is one of the main reasons that the Kin coin price is projected so optimistically. By taking advantage of the Kik ecosystem of more than 15 million monthly users, the Rewards Engine will incentivize content creators with daily rewards for using services based in Kin.

Anonymity is a hallmark of decentralized virtual economies and that’s why the Kik user base is such a good fit for a new one. Since they already value their anonymity, allowing them to anonymously participate in transactions with economic incentives on the platform itself is projected to expand the Kin coin price quickly.

As the main unit of currency across the entire platform, the Kin token will serve not only as an incentive to reward content creators and Kin users but also to connect with other digital services through the Kin platform.

The Takeaway

The Kin coin price prediction depends on the huge established user base of the Kik messaging app adopting Kin as their virtual economy. If successful, Kin is projected to establish connections with other digital service providers and increase in value as the finite supply diminishes.

Consider Kin currency as a viable investment opportunity in 2020. Once it launches, Kin may become the next best virtual currency out there. Use a bitcoin calculator to calculate your prices.