The Biggest Eyewear Trend in 2019: Small Sunglasses

tiny sunglasses

They’re being worn on the beach at Rio, along Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, in London’s Piccadilly Circus, the Bourse in Paris, and among all the crazy rich inhabitants of Singapore and Shanghai. Small sunglasses, nicknamed tiny specs by the fashion world.

Are tiny specs right for your facial fashion look? Always and forever, unless you happen to have eyes as large as a frog. Here’s a look at a few brands that are rocking it:

Cat Eyes

In smoldering purple, cat eye sunglasses are petite and mysterious. They sell for around twelve dollars online. They’re slightly retro, like miniature librarian glasses — which makes them super trendy right now.


SOJOS Retro Vintage Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses for women

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Retro Clout Goggles Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses Women

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Slim Rectangle by MINCL

These smoky black tiny specs are so right for either strolling or striding downtown, on business or pleasure. Equally at home on men or women, rectangles give you that slightly serious look that passes for sincerity at the local Starbucks. They cost around twelve dollars.

MINCL/Bold Small Frame Sunglasses Stylish Fashion Designer Rectangle Frame Shades

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VIVIENFANG Eyewear Brand

Maybe not the best brand name ever though up, the VIVIENFANG brand of tiny specs are sweeping the competition with their cat eyes and 90’s vintage styles in trending pink, purple and gold colors. If you want to MAKE A STATEMENT this summer, you’ll want a pair of these asap.

Cat Eye Mirrored Lens Street Fashion Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses

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VIVIENFANG 90s Vintage Slim Cateye Sunglasses

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VIVIENFANG 90’s Vintage Small Oval Sunglasses Tinted Lens

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