When You Need Good Cropped Jeans, Try Amazon

amazon pants

Sometimes a girl or a guy needs a pair of jeans right away. When the jean scene just can’t wait, you can buy a pair on Amazon Prime and have them at your place in 2 days. And usually for a price that on par with prices at a brick and mortar store. Here’s some trendy jeans you can order right now, if the jean hunger is upon you:

Wedgie Levi Icon Jeans

If you’re channeling Audrey Hepburn, these are the jeans for you — slim to point of toothpicks. And they flatter your derriere like nothing else on earth. Starting at eighty-eight dollars on Amazon.

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Lou Fray M.I.H. Flare Jeans for women

The only legitimate way to wear bell bottoms without catching retro-itis. The flare starts just above the ankles, for that subtle free-form look that makes taller legs look so attractive.

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Vegan Leather Liliana Stretch Jeans

Direct from Cupcakes & Cashmere brand, these faux leather leggings are just right for stretching out to read a good book on your Kindle on a slow Sunday afternoon, or to take to the lodge for lounging in after a hard day on the slopes. Right now they’re fifty percent off on Amazon — going for around fifty-three dollars a pair.

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